Lacey Baker...

Lacey Baker is one of the most respected and admired female street skaters around the world.

Making her mark at age 17 as the only girl competing against the guys at Tampa Am, Lacey has gone on to showcase her style and unmatched technical ability on film and in contests for nearly a decade.

In 2013, Lacey released a full part with Thrasher Magazine, who described it as one of the best female street parts they’ve ever seen. Since then, she has gone on to dominate the contest scene, maintaining podium finishes at X Games for the past 3 years in Brazil, Oslo and Austin. In October of 2016, Lacey earned the coveted World Champion title at SLS Nike SB’s Super Crown World Championships. Admired for her technical skating and unparalleled consistency, Lacey’s abilities on her board put her in a category of her own. Landing tricks that no one else can even fathom and exuding style on and off her board she is easily many skaters’ favorite. Underneath the fierce competitor, her goofy, fun-loving and laid back attitude earns her adoration from fans around the world. Lacey is passionate about design, music, fashion and helping to grow skateboarding to be an all inclusive and welcoming community.

Annie Guglia: Featured Rider, Canadian

Annie is an incredibly talented and technical skateboarder with an equally incredible sense of humor. She met the QYDJ crew on a trip to the states to compete in Exposure and work on her Master’s thesis. She quickly stacked over a minute of footage during her month long trip and was inspired to return and finish her part. She drove over 3000 miles (4828 km) from Montreal to LA with her dog and rented an apartment with a few other QYDJ riders for a month. She was able to film and incredible part in just two months and it is definitely one to look out for.

Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Stance: Goofy

Years skating: 14

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Savannah Headden: Featured Rider

Savannah truly embodies the spirit of QYDJ. She saved up money and quit her day job to come to California and live her dream of being a skateboarder. Through her involvement with this video and its creators she was able to meet people, gain exposure, and much deserved recognition for her talents. She has since moved to California and continues to live this dream and her bright and funny personality has made her an invaluable part of the QYDJ team.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Stance: Goofy

Years skating: lots

Candy Jacobs: Featured Rider, Viking

Candy’s amazing personality and style is evident when you watch her skate. She’s definitely one of the toughest skaters we’ve ever met and has poured more blood into this video than anybody. She’s committed to achieving her dream of skateboarding full time, no easy feat, especially for the girls, and you can help support her on her journey by checking out her GoFundMe page.

Place of origin: The Netherlands

Year of skating: Skating since 2003

Stance: Goofy for life

Biggest accomplishment: “Quitting my day job and skate full time (still have to work though)”

Favorite QYDJ memory: “Getting this text from Monique (who I had never heard of) to go film with Erik and her and filming 2 minutes worth of footy over 4 days time and changing my whole life”

Sponsors: EtniesBlackriverCariphy, Ragaical Griptape

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Samarria “Mari” Brevard: Featured Rider, Hammer Dropper

I’ve known Mari for close to 4 years now, and as of the summer of last year, she has become a very close friend. She is like a little sister to us. In early June of 2015, we had to go through our first roster change. I wanted to ask Samarria if she’d be interested in filming, but was too afraid to ask! Well I’m glad Erik insisted that I do anyway! She jumped on board right after we returned from XGames. If it wasn’t for Samarria, this video would not have become as big as it has! She gave Erik and I a lot of credibility, considering that she had just turned pro, and was an XGames, & KDC competitor, which made her a big name in women’s skateboarding. Mari is undoubtably humble, (hence the nickname “The Humbler”) so she was unaware that her involvement caused a lot of people take us serious. Because of her, we caught the attention of Kim Woozy, and Mimi Knoop – who linked us up with Transworld) Samarria is known for dropping heavy hammers, and her part will have no shortage of them!


Sponsors: HooplaBonesActive Ride

Mariah Duran: Featured Rider, Future Legend

I was blown away by (then, 17 year old) Mariah Duran when I saw footage of her at the Wheels of Fortune contest in May of 2014. She got invited out as an alternate, and skated the XGames course a month later. I was surprised she didn’t have a board sponsor. Shortly after, Lisa Whitaker welcomed her to the Meow Skateboards team! After I met Mariah in person (XGames 2015) and saw what a friendly, funny, and just all-around rad girl she was, in addition to being a talented skateboarder – I told Lisa “You know how to pick em!” Then in November, Mariah came out to L.A so she could compete in Exposure, and best trick at Ladies Day at the Berrics. We REALLY wanted Mariah featured in the video, so we took her filming the last 2 days before we premiered the extended trailer at the Berrics. Erik inserted her clips the night before, and she ended up closing out the friends section. We were really hyped, but low key bummed because she wasn’t having a full part in the video.. Fast forward to February 2016. Mariah, Annie, Kat, Sav, and Elo decided to rent an Airbnb “Skate House” for a whole month. Mariah filmed with us and stacked a ton of clips before returning home. It was only a couple days in, when we decided she was going to be able to have a full part. A couple months later, we took a trip out to Albuquerque, and her part was nearly finished. Mariah came back out with her brother recently, and wrapped it up! Her part in this video is definitely going to blow minds, and show the world that this is what the future of women’s skateboarding looks like. The bar just went up.


Monique O’Toole: filmer, director, producer, co-creator

Monique has dedicated more time and energy to QYDJ than anyone. She quit her day job to pursue this project full time and drives long hours all over Southern California and the western United States to film these girls. She is always down to film and truly dedicated to helping the girls make it in skateboarding.

Hometown: Seal Beach, CA

Stance: Regular

Years skating: 21

Check her out on Facebook @Moniquethebeat and Instagram @Moniquethebeat

Erik Sandoval: Filmer, Director, Producer, Co-Creator

Erik is a filming veteran who’s industry experience was vital to making QYDJ possible. He has taken the time to get to know all of the girls and cater filming missions to their abilities so they can make the best video possible. He spends long nights editing and making sure the footage meets his high quality control standards. QYDJ couldn’t be in better hands.

Hometown: Atwater Village, CA

Years skating: 16

Stance: Goofy

Check him out on Instagram @erikmichealsandoval

Vanessa Torres: Featured Rider, Legend



Vanessa Torres is one of the most influential skateboarders in history.

Often referred to as the “reason why they started skating” by female skaters around the world, she has been a raising the bar in women’s skateboarding for the past 15 years. Vanessa was the first female skateboarder to win a gold medal at X Games in 2003 and was one of the first females to have a pro model board in the early 00’s. Known for her laid back style and versatility in skating street and transition, she is still dominating the pro contest scene with podium finishes at X Games and Street League in 2015 and 2016. 

Vanessa currently has one of the top selling pro model boards on Meow Skateboards and just wrapped up filming a full part in the upcoming film “Quit Your Day Job.” Always skating with a smile and spreading good vibes with her infectious energy, Vanessa is passionate about giving back to the skate community and inspiring the next generation of skaters to go for it. When she’s not on her board, you can find her drinking coffee, riding her bike, adventuring in nature and searching for the ultimate vintage tee. 







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