Candy Jacobs: Featured Rider, Viking

Candy’s amazing personality and style is evident when you watch her skate. She’s definitely one of the toughest skaters we’ve ever met and has poured more blood into this video than anybody. She’s committed to achieving her dream of skateboarding full time, no easy feat, especially for the girls, and you can help support her on her journey by checking out her GoFundMe page.

Place of origin: The Netherlands

Year of skating: Skating since 2003

Stance: Goofy for life

Biggest accomplishment: “Quitting my day job and skate full time (still have to work though)”

Favorite QYDJ memory: “Getting this text from Monique (who I had never heard of) to go film with Erik and her and filming 2 minutes worth of footy over 4 days time and changing my whole life”

Sponsors: EtniesBlackriverCariphy, Ragaical Griptape

Check out Candy on FacebookInstagram, and on her Blog