Mariah Duran: Featured Rider, Future Legend

I was blown away by (then, 17 year old) Mariah Duran when I saw footage of her at the Wheels of Fortune contest in May of 2014. She got invited out as an alternate, and skated the XGames course a month later. I was surprised she didn’t have a board sponsor. Shortly after, Lisa Whitaker welcomed her to the Meow Skateboards team! After I met Mariah in person (XGames 2015) and saw what a friendly, funny, and just all-around rad girl she was, in addition to being a talented skateboarder – I told Lisa “You know how to pick em!” Then in November, Mariah came out to L.A so she could compete in Exposure, and best trick at Ladies Day at the Berrics. We REALLY wanted Mariah featured in the video, so we took her filming the last 2 days before we premiered the extended trailer at the Berrics. Erik inserted her clips the night before, and she ended up closing out the friends section. We were really hyped, but low key bummed because she wasn’t having a full part in the video.. Fast forward to February 2016. Mariah, Annie, Kat, Sav, and Elo decided to rent an Airbnb “Skate House” for a whole month. Mariah filmed with us and stacked a ton of clips before returning home. It was only a couple days in, when we decided she was going to be able to have a full part. A couple months later, we took a trip out to Albuquerque, and her part was nearly finished. Mariah came back out with her brother recently, and wrapped it up! Her part in this video is definitely going to blow minds, and show the world that this is what the future of women’s skateboarding looks like. The bar just went up.