Samarria “Mari” Brevard: Featured Rider, Hammer Dropper

I’ve known Mari for close to 4 years now, and as of the summer of last year, she has become a very close friend. She is like a little sister to us. In early June of 2015, we had to go through our first roster change. I wanted to ask Samarria if she’d be interested in filming, but was too afraid to ask! Well I’m glad Erik insisted that I do anyway! She jumped on board right after we returned from XGames. If it wasn’t for Samarria, this video would not have become as big as it has! She gave Erik and I a lot of credibility, considering that she had just turned pro, and was an XGames, & KDC competitor, which made her a big name in women’s skateboarding. Mari is undoubtably humble, (hence the nickname “The Humbler”) so she was unaware that her involvement caused a lot of people take us serious. Because of her, we caught the attention of Kim Woozy, and Mimi Knoop – who linked us up with Transworld) Samarria is known for dropping heavy hammers, and her part will have no shortage of them!


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