Lacey Baker...

Lacey Baker is one of the most respected and admired female street skaters around the world.

Making her mark at age 17 as the only girl competing against the guys at Tampa Am, Lacey has gone on to showcase her style and unmatched technical ability on film and in contests for nearly a decade.

In 2013, Lacey released a full part with Thrasher Magazine, who described it as one of the best female street parts they’ve ever seen. Since then, she has gone on to dominate the contest scene, maintaining podium finishes at X Games for the past 3 years in Brazil, Oslo and Austin. In October of 2016, Lacey earned the coveted World Champion title at SLS Nike SB’s Super Crown World Championships. Admired for her technical skating and unparalleled consistency, Lacey’s abilities on her board put her in a category of her own. Landing tricks that no one else can even fathom and exuding style on and off her board she is easily many skaters’ favorite. Underneath the fierce competitor, her goofy, fun-loving and laid back attitude earns her adoration from fans around the world. Lacey is passionate about design, music, fashion and helping to grow skateboarding to be an all inclusive and welcoming community.